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Egyptology has as its object of study the history, practices, and conceptual categories of a culture that was remarkably prolific in terms of written texts, art, architecture, and other forms of material culture. The knowledge of Egyptologists, archaeologists, linguists, geologists, and all other professionals who are involved in research related to Ancient Egypt reflect the interdisciplinary approach that is needed to make sense of such a wealth of information. The peer-reviewed articles of the UEE are written by the world's leading scholars.

In the coming decade we will continue to build the content of the UEE, while a separate web site, the UEE Full Version, will be available starting in 2010. The full version will have enhanced searches, such as a map-search functionality, alphabetical and subject browsing, in-text links, explanations of terminology for non-professionals, an image archive, and Virtual Reality reconstructions. In addition, a Data-Access Level is under development, which links articles with the results of original research. Information on the development of the UEE Full Version can be found at http://www.uee.ucla.edu.

There are 105 publications in this collection, published between 2008 and 2012.

De Meyer, Marleen; Minas-Nerpel, Martina: Shenhur, Temple of, 2012

Duqesne, Terence: Jmjwt, 2012

Grajetzki, Wolfram: Qau el-Kebir, 2012

Harrell, James A.: Building Stones, 2012

Harrell, James: Gemstones, 2012

Harrell, James A.: Utilitarian Stones, 2012

Katary, Sally: Land Tenure (to the End of the Ptolemaic Period), 2012

Kockelmann, Holger: Philae, 2012

Kucharek, Andrea: Gebel el-Silsila, 2012

Lippert, Sandra: Law Courts, 2012

Lippert, Sandra: Law: Definitions and Codification, 2012

Loprieno, Antonio: Slavery and Servitude, 2012

Milde, Henk: Shabtis, 2012

Moreno Garcia, Juan Carlos: Deir el-Gabrawi, 2012

Moreno Garcia, Juan Carlos: Households, 2012

Pantalacci, Laure: Coptos, 2012

Riggs, Christina; Baines, John: Ethnicity, 2012

Roth, Silke: Harem, 2012

Stadler, Martin A: Thoth, 2012

Budde, Dagmar: Epithets, Divine, 2011

Emery, Virginia L.: Mud-Brick Architecture, 2011

Hallof, Jochen: Esna, 2011

Hallof, Jochen: Esna-North, 2011

Katary, Sally: Taxation, 2011

Kockelmann, Holger: Birth House (Mammisi), 2011

Kuhlmann, Klaus P.: Throne, 2011

Laboury, Dimitri: Amarna Art, 2011

Manassa, Colleen: El-Mo’alla to El-Deir, 2011

McClain, Brett: Cosmogony (Late to Ptolemaic and Roman Periods), 2011

Millet, Marie; Masson, Aurélia: Karnak: Settlements, 2011

Moreno Garcia, Juan Carlos: Village, 2011

Nicholson, Paul: Glass Working, Use and Discard, 2011

Schulz, Regine: Block Statue, 2011

Sweeney, Deborah: Sex and Gender, 2011

Toivari-Viitala, Jaana: Deir el-Medina (Development), 2011

Zivie-Coche, Christiane: Foreign Deities in Egypt, 2011

Bloxam, Elizabeth: Quarrying and Mining (Stone), 2010

Borg, Barbara E.: Painted Funerary Portraits, 2010

Brand, Peter: Reuse and Restoration, 2010

Brand, Peter: Usurpation of Monuments, 2010

Budde, Dagmar: Child Deities, 2010

Darnell, John: Opet Festival, 2010

Guilhou, Nadine: Myth of the Heavenly Cow, 2010

Hays, Harold: Funerary Rituals (Pharaonic Period), 2010

Hikade, Thomas: Hiw (Predynastic), 2010

Hikade, Thomas: Stone Tool Production, 2010

Ikram, Salima: Mummification, 2010

Kahl, Jochem: Archaism, 2010

Laboury, Dimitri: Portrait versus Ideal Image, 2010

Lazaridis, Nikolaos: Education and Apprenticeship, 2010

Leprohon, Ronald: Patterns of Royal Name-giving, 2010

Lucarelli, Rita: Demons (benevolent and malevolent), 2010

Meyer-Dietrich, Erika: Recitation, Speech Acts, and Declamation, 2010

Nicholson, Paul: Kilns and Firing Structures, 2010

Poo, Mu-Chou: Liquids in Temple Ritual, 2010

Riggs, Christina: The Body, 2010

Riggs, Christina: Funerary rituals (Ptolemaic and Roman Periods), 2010

Spencer, Neal: Shrine, 2010

Spieser, Cathie: Cartouche, 2010

Sullivan, Elaine: Karnak: Development of the Temple of Amun-Ra, 2010

Teeter, Emily: Feathers, 2010

von Lieven, Alexandra: Deified Humans, 2010

Campagno, Marcelo P: Kinship and Family Relations, 2009

Coppens, Filip: Temple Festivals of the Ptolemaic and Roman Periods, 2009

Dodson, Aidan: Rituals Related to Animal Cults, 2009

Emery, Virginia L.: Mud-Brick, 2009

Gillam, Robyn: Drama, 2009

Haring, Ben: Economy, 2009

Harvey, Julia: Wooden Statuary, 2009

Huyge, Dirk: Rock Art, 2009

Leach, Bridget: Papyrus Manufacture, 2009

Manniche, Lise: Perfume, 2009

Meyer-Dietrich, Erika: Dance, 2009

Nicholson, Paul: Faience Technology, 2009

Nicholson, Paul T.: Pottery Production, 2009

Phillips, Jacke S.: Ostrich Eggshell, 2009

Pinch, Geraldine; Waraksa, Elizabeth A.: Votive Practices, 2009

Roth, Silke: Queen, 2009

Shortland, Andrew: Glass Production, 2009

Smith, Mark: Democratization of the Afterlife, 2009

Stevens, Anna: Domestic religious practices, 2009

Stevenson, Alice: Palettes, 2009

Stevenson, Alice: Predynastic Burials, 2009

Veldmeijer, André J.: Cordage Production, 2009

Vinson, Steve: Seafaring, 2009

Wengrow, David: Predynastic Art, 2009

Cooney, Kathlyn M: Scarab, 2008

Coulon, Laurent: Famine, 2008

Cruz-Uribe, Eugene: Graffiti (Figural), 2008

Enmarch, Roland: Theodicy, 2008

Exell, Karen: Ancestor Bust, 2008

Lazaridis, Nicholas: Ethics, 2008

Luiselli, Michela: Personal Piety (modern theories related to), 2008

Moreno García, Juan Carlos: Estates (Old Kingdom), 2008

Muhlestein, Kerry: Execration Ritual, 2008

Naguib, Saphinaz-Amal: Survivals of Pharaonic Religious Practices in Contemporary Coptic Christianity., 2008

Servajean, Frédéric: Duality, 2008

Smith, Mark: Osiris and the Deceased, 2008

Stadler, Martin: Judgment after Death (Negative Confession), 2008

Stadler, Martin: Procession, 2008

Stevenson, Alice: Mace, 2008

Veldmeijer, André J.: Leatherworking, 2008

Waraksa, Elizabeth: Female Figurines (Pharaonic Period), 2008

Wilkinson, Richard H.: Anthropomorphic Deities, 2008

Zivie-Coche, Christiane: Late Period Temples, 2008

UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology


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